Martin Luther King delivering the I Have a Dream speech
King's I Have a Dream speech

Introduction - Black History

Black history (African-American history) is a story of pain, suffering, and injustice; however it is also a story of great bravery, determination and perseverance. This site is dedicated to the great people in black history; people who first came to America in chains but who have risen to the level of holding the highest office in the United States; US president.

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On this site you will find pages of interesting black history facts with all types of information about the people and events that have shaped Black history. There are facts about when African-Americans first came to America, who the great people in black history were, great events in African-American history, and how African-Americans struggled for freedom and then for civil rights. We hope this site will make an excellent resource for kids working on Black history month projects and for others who are simply interested in learning about the history of African-Americans.

Below you will find a list of some interesting historical information about African Americans; some of which are little known black history facts. Please visit the other pages of this site for information on important people in black history, important events in black history, and black slavery history.

Interesting - Black History Facts